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Planning, Management & Delivery of your electrical projects.

Emergencies, Fault Finding & Repair

Fast service for emergency repairs & breakdowns with our reactive services department including: Electrical Faults | Machine Break Downs | Electrical Circuit Testing | Emergency Repairs & Assistance | AC Generators |


Preventative & Periodic Maintenance

Our asset management system will ensure your assets are maintained. we can provide: Conditions Assessments | Surveys | RCD Testing | Test & Tagging | Sensor Calibration | Generator Load Trials | Anode Testing | Power Quality Checks | Electrical Health Checks |


Design & New installations

We can assist you in designing solutions & provide Electrical Single Line Drawings for your electrical network. Load Calculations | Generator Change Over Switches | Back Up Power Generation | Of Grid Solar Systems | Motor Control |


Upgrades, Automation, Instrumentation & control

We can help you upgrade & automate your assets & integrate them to almost all industrial communication protocols. From Machine/Process Automation with PLCs to Building Management Systems with Climate / Comfort Control. Remote Monitoring, Control & data acquisition.


Test & inspections

We can help you maintain a safe & reliable electrical system & identify possible hazards waiting to emerge with our comprehensive Electrical Safety Health Checks. Including nuisance Tripping of Circuit Breakers and Safety Switch RCD electrocution Protection Devices.


Power Generation

We can provide you with reliable & efficient power generation solutions through our generator installation & maintenance services & with automatic power change over switches to ensure your power stays on. We can also provide Off-Grid Power solutions for Remote Areas.


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